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  • Software services

    We are a software house made of talented software engineers working together to build the best systems that serve you.

    Our services include web development, software development and IT consulting. We build customized software and integrate existing systems. Check the technology that we use to build the products. Please let us know what you need – we will offer the solution.

  • Startup blog

    We believe in creating products desired by people. Not just innovative, since we may think of many innovative and at the same time useless things. What we mean are inventions that introduce some value to the lives of people.

    This blog is not only about startups. It is about entrepreneurship in general.

    We share our knowledge and experience on our blog. Why should you read that? If you ever asked yourself the questions:

    • 1. Should I start my own business?
    • 2. What mistakes should I avoid when running a startup?
    • 3. How to find money to run a business?
    • 4. How to find an idea to run a startup?

    Then you are on the right page. Read the blog: http://turkusowystartup.pl/. You will find the translated articles into English here: www.expans.io/blog/

  • CodeAll

    CodeAll is a revolutionary tool for learning programming in an attractive and engaging way. The idea has been clarifying since the end of 2016 and now it is being developed. The first prototype will be released still in 2018.

    We are happy to announce that CodeAll has won the second edition of eduLAB contest with 1 000 000 PLN investment!

    CodeAll has been also selected to the Google Launchpad Start 2017 accelerator as one of only 10 startups.

  • Lexpansio

    Lexpansio is our startup founded in March 2017. It creates innovative products for law firms that facilitate the daily work. The first product will be released still in 2018. Stay tuned!

  • Business management

    This startup is focused on providing the best software to improve the work in your company.

    Manage your clients, projects, documents, sales, invoices, build team spirit and much more – in the cloud or on-premise deployment.

    Expansio Docs is a product for secure document management. It also allows secure collaboration of many people in the company on the documents. Read more about Expansio Docs.

    Expansio Management is the most versatile software for company management in the world. It is a solution to manage your clients, projects, invoices, sales, inventory, IT assets and more. Read more about Expansio Management.

Mateusz Jarus

  • COFOUNDER OF THREE COMPANIESExpansio, Grinfinity, Lexpansio
    TOP 500 INNOVATORS ALUMNICambridge University, United Kingdom


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