You can’t imagine any prosperous business without a functional and agile website, can you? Our aim is to help you – our future client – in every stage of creating what stands for your company online. We would like to give you options adjusted to your individual needs and expectations. Below you can find three possible packages: mini, medium and maxi. Take a look at them – for more information just click ‘compare’ button. If you have any questions, contact us.

Product 2


a simple but handy website to present your profile

analysis of your existing website or similar websites project of your new website – aims and technology responsive version of the website design consulting content adjusting

Product 3


a regular website up to five subpages

analysis of your existing website or similar websites project of your new website – aims and technology responsive version of the website design consultingcontent adjusting

Product 4


a good solution for demanding customers

analysis of your existing website or similar websitesproject of your new website – aims and technologyresponsive version of the websitedesign consultingcontent adjustingcreating a profiled graphical design



web/mobile apps


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Mobile Applications

iPad Mini

iPad Mini app preview

Applications for Every Device


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Web Applications

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Mobile Applications

These days everyone keeps the whole world in a pocket of their jeans. Mobile apps make our daily errands (like ordering food or communicating with other people) easier and quicker. Apps might be the most important piece of your business and image so you should take them seriously. In Expansio we are experienced in the field of making mobile apps. Our developers keep up to date with current trends and are familiar with new technologies. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re ready to help with a mobile app for your business!

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Applications for Every Device

We realize that you may need to access your app in many different situations, on many different devices. Desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone, it doesn’t matter – we got your back. Our developers know and pay special attention to the principles of responsive web design to make sure people can always use our applications with no problems. The circumstances play no role – whether you are chilling in your office, commuting or waiting in a line, we vow to provide a great experience.

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Web Applications

In current times it’s the internet where things happen. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and create your presence on the web today! With our applications you are sure to reach an audience across the whole world, keep track of their needs and wants and provide the best support and service. An app created with only you in mind, available from any corner of the world may just become your greatest asset. Our developers will gladly use their considerable skills and knowledge in web development to create a unique product that will satisfy your every wish.




As you have probably already known, startup is a company full of possibilities, but also… various troubles. Perhaps you’re trying to handle most of them on your own but it’s always better to have a helping hand. We were through all the same problems you’re dealing with right now and we’re ready to share our experience with you. We can assure you, it’s not as black as it is painted! There are six startup development phases – we’ve connected them to possible difficulties you may encounter. Think which stage you are in and check how we can help you.

The idea comes first. And that’s probably the most important moment for you because the idea is a core of any project. There are so many mistakes to make so you have to be very careful. You can rely only on your own intuition or confront your ideas with us! We’ve examined numerous ventures and now we know what will meet market’s demands. Read more on our blog about picking the right startup idea: part 1 ( and part 2 ( Maybe our post about low-budget startups will inspire you? (

History is littered with ideas which failed to succeed because of a bad strategy. After the idea is born it’s crucial for you to define your vision more precisely. We’ll advise you on an accurate type of management and will tell how to specify your concept. Maybe you should think about inviting another skilled partner to your team? Or maybe there is an alternative management technique that might be useful for you, for instance an turquoise startup? Check what are the foundations of a turquoise company (

So you have thought of everything and you are surrounded by people you want to work with. But the most difficult part is still to come because you have to bring your idea to life. That’s the perfect moment to start creating a Minimum Viable Product. Various teams we’ve met and products we’ve seen so far taught us dealing with any possible problem that may occur in this phase.

Now your Minimum Viable Product will be tested and evaluated by first customers. It might be confusing and – no one knows that better than us 😉 – very stressful because it’s always hard to admit to yourself that your plan wasn’t faultless. We’ll guide you through results of feedback: positive as well as negative.

At this point you must accept that your passion turned into a serious business. It’s not good to be trigger-happy by your previous success. You have to be very careful with scaling your financial model (read our post about the business model in a startup: and balancing your team. Making the right decision about how fast you want to grow up is essential to your future. Haste sometimes makes waste so that’s why you may need our help.

If you think troubled times are over, you couldn’t be more wrong! Establishing your startup isn’t always a land of milk and honey. In this stage your initial vision and management strategy might be verified and endangered by the growth. We can help you manage your project in a way that will keep the values that led you to this point alive.