We are absolutely sure that you know the feeling when you’re trying to send an e-mail with a large attachment and you find an allert that your file is too big. It is quite frustrating, isn’t it? We found a solution for transferring your documents quickly and safely. No more problems with size limits on e-mail servers.

Transfer is a system designed specifically for Just Advertising Agency and it works similarly to other commonly known transferring websites. It is an easy way of sending small and large files to co-workers and clients. It seems useful for companies working with large files on daily basis.

Here’s how it works. There is no limit on the size of the file. The user uploads the file from his computer, enters the e-mail address of the recipient and a message to them, alternatively enters a password and clicks the button. The system takes care of sending it to the right person. The addressee receives an e-mail which is valid for one week. Dowloading is easy as a pie. The recipient can do it by clicking the link.