Monika Górska

Monika Górska is a coach, a writer and one of the best Polish storytellers. She helps people and companies to achieve their personal and business goals. Monika believes in the power of words and in storytelling as the most fundamental way of interpersonal communication. That’s why it is crucial to incorporate it to your business!

We offered Monika our programming services to modify her website. She wanted to develop and branch out so she needed a few changes. We integrated the website with online payment soultions and we managed mailing lists which made selling her books and courses much easier.

We also created so called „landing pages” for Monika. Wondering what are those? It’s good to know that especially if you’re running your own company! A landing page is the first thing seen by a client after they click on an ad – it has to be coherent, handy and engaging. You can look at one of our landing pages on the left.