Flux-VR is an agency that offers virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D/360-degree video and CGI VR content. They cooporate with big partners like Red Bull, Adidas or Sony. We encourage you to take a look at their portfolio and admire their amazing productions!

We think that a fully responsive version of any website is obligatory nowadays because everyone has some mobile device in their pocket. Consequently, you can visit Flux-VR site on your notebook as well as your mobile phone. Everything is easily managed due to the content managment system which we introduced. The website has six subpages and two language versions.

At Expansio we care about the identity of our client and we respond to the character of their business. Flux-VR communicates through pictures and that’s why we decided to limit words and focus on a visual expression. That way you can see what Flux-VR is really about!