Expansio is a Software House that combines engineering and science. We build software that solves your problems not only by using the latest programming tools, but also by utilizing our science know-how.

We add to this our engagement in communication with the clients and voilà – success guaranteed.

We have experience in working in science (see here list of publications of the CEO) and commerce (click on our photos below to learn more).

We have studied at the best universities worlwide (USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland) and collaborated with the biggest multinational companies.

We are a turquoise company (read more).

Our team.

Working together.


  • Mateusz Jarus



    Mateusz Jarus is the CEO of Expansio. In his every day work he collaborates with entities from both academia and business sector. He holds master degree from Poznan University of Technology. He collaborates scientifically with Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (see publications list). His scientific work was awarded by many scholarships and prices.

    He is the cofunder of the Grinfinity start-up, focued on managing energy in computing systems.

    Mateusz was a participant of the Research Experience for Undergraduates at the Center for Research Computing, University of Notre Dame, USA. Mateusz is also a TOP500 Innovators Program alumnus from Cambridge Enterprise, Cambridge University.

    In his free time he dances contemporary dance and cooks.

  • Adrian Szymczak



    Adrian is assuring our tech is top-notch. As CTO he takes care of that whatever we create forcustomers will be secure, reliable and well designed.

    He gathered a broad range of experience while working at Microsoft Ireland, Volkswagen, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and many more prior starting Expansio.

    In addition to being tech-savvy (we jokingly claim he had read everything there is to read on the Internet), Adrian puts scientific knowledge to use as he graduated from Poznan University ofTechnology with distinction, focusing on data processing technologies. What is more, he took part in a dozen of international projects applying technical skills in a broad range of use cases to the delight of customers and teammates.

    After work he reads a lot, does sport and involves in charity work on many occasions.

  • Justyna Wojciechowska


    Front-end developer

    Justyna is a graduate of Computer Science and Econometrics from Poznan University of Economics. She was repeatedly awarded as a top student.

    At Expansio she takes care of front-end development. She loves creating things which gives people pleasure to look at. Constantly learning and experiencing new things.

    Justyna is pasionate about travelling. If she has too little time to travel she likes watching movies and tv searies or playing board games.

  • Marcin Kaźmierski


    Project Manager

    Marcin Kazmierski graduated from Poznan University of Technology and at Expansio he is the master fullstack developer. Marcin gathered experience while working in multiple software houses for the last few years. He has large experience in Drupal and WordPress CMS systems and PHP is his second languge, next to Polish. There are no programming challenges that he would not be able to face.

    In his free time he likes watching boxing.

  • Arkadiusz Rusin


    Fullstack developer

    Arek is a graduate of computer science from Poznan University of Technology, repeatedly awarded as top student. He specializes in data processing technologies and constantly sharpens his skils, nowadays focusing on data exploration and social networks.

    Arek graduated from CISCO Academy where he gathered in-depth knowledge about comuter networks.He often finds creative ways to apply his great mixture of skills and experience in a large variety of IT projects.

    His non-scientific interests include team sports and martial arts.

We are a turquoise company

Giving values to others

At the core of Expansio lies the true desire to give values to others. In our work we are mostly interested in your requirements. No matter if it’s a website, a software or an advice, we always do our best to understand your needs.


Then we put our heart into work to fulfill your needs. Engagement is defined as a mutually beneficial interaction that results in participants feeling valued for their unique contribution. Such a full commitment gives noticeable results.


High quality is an outcome of the two previous values. This is the visible result brought to you. The moment of true satisfaction.

Learning and Development

To keep the whole process going, it is important to make sure that a progress is constantly achieved. That’s what “Expansio” means – to expand, grow, develop and evolve.

Our technologies.

What do we use in our work?